Escape Room in Lucerne

The Riddle Escape Games

Immerse yourself in an interactive adventure at Baselstrasse 25. You and your team must work together to find all the clues to complete your mission and escape the room within 60 minutes. Each of our rooms features a unique theme. Escaping requires team interaction and quick thinking. Can you escape?

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Book now.

Our Escape Room «The Riddle Escape Games» at Baselstrasse 25, Lucerne over three levels is open every day on registration. You can book Level 1 (Dinner Party at a spooky apartment.) now, the opening of Level 2 (Unexpected murdery in the backyard.) is scheduled for December, and Level 3 (The secret life of Alfred Fitzgerald.) will be open next year. The concept hosts activities indoor and outdoor.
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The price for 2 players (minimum) is CHF 100, for each additional player this is CHF 20 (max 6 players).

Level 1
The Dinner.

Three weeks ago, a tragedy occurred. The love of Alfred Fitzgerald's life - Annabelle Flores - was found dead. The court ruled it as a suicide, but Fitzgerald continued to search for clues. During the investigation, Private Detective Van Dyke and Fitzgerald became trusted friends. Last night, Van Dyke was invited to Fitzgerald’s Mansion for dinner. They discussed Annabelle’s secret journal, a new piece of evidence that had been recently released. Fitzgerald is going on a business trip tomorrow. He is out of the house for an hour to finish last minute errands before his travels. Can you help him solve the mystery behind the murder of his beloved?

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Level 2
The Back Alley.

Fitzgerald is on a business trip to Japan. You just got into his villa and want to find out what exactly happened. The diary of Annabelle had very strange references and you begin to doubt the whole story. Van Dyke will be there in an hour to check on the right. Can you find out more about the mysterious murder in an hour?

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